Kirby Star Allies Review | When the Stars Align

Kirby Star Allies puts a cooperative take on the pink puffball’s adventures. New challenges and puzzles await.

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Smash Bros. Switch Biggest Questions

We are getting a brand new Smash Bros game. Which means Johnnie is gonna speculate about what Smash Bros Switch will include.

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Aegis Defenders Review | Hop, Skip, Build, Die

Aegis Defenders is a fun and intriguing mix of 2D platforming and tower defense. It creates an intriguing world, lovable characters, and stunning art, but its difficulty scaling requires co-op play, which can break the game for solo players.

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Fanatical Five | Five Reasons We’re Excited for 2018

It’s a new year which means new games! Everyone’s excited about Red Dead Redemption 2 and Far Cry 5 but what about all the other games coming out this year? There’s a ton of gaming to be excited about but here are a few things that have us counting the days.

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Floor Kids Review

Floor Kids Review | Back To The Beat

Floor Kids from MERJ Media is a break dance battle game. With hand-drawn animations, a soundtrack from Kid Koala, and a unique rhythm-based dance system, Floor Kids is a must play for hip-hop and rhythm game fans

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Logan Myer’s Top 5 Games of 2017

AAA titles, loot boxes, in-game transactions and lots of drama, 2017 will be memorable many reasons. Here are Logan’s Top 5 Games of the Year for 2017.

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Caleb L’Etoile’s Top 5 Games of 2017

Caleb L’Etoile’s year end list of the Top 5 Games of 2017! And it’s also probably the best year to ever happen in video games ever.

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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon Review | Ultra Similar

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon are the definitive versions of the seventh generation Pokémon games, but not a whole lot more.

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Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Coming to Smartphones

Nintendo’s third mobile game, Animal Crossing, Pocket Camp, is arriving this Wednesday to all portable devices.

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Wulverblade Review | Brawl or Nothing

Wulverblade is an update to the classic brawler formula that proves bloody and enjoyable. The world and art style is stunning, and the gameplay makes for an ideal Switch experience.

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Super Mario Odyssey Review Mario and Cappy

Everything You Can Capture in Super Mario Odyssey, From Worst to Best

We’ve ranked all 52 things you can capture in Super Mario Odyssey, from the items that kind of just twitch, to unforgettable characters.

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Super Mario Odyssey Review | Soaring to New Heights

Super Mario Odyssey is a culmination of the franchise thus far, and arguably stands as the pinnacle of the long-running series.

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Super Mario Odyssey Asks An Important Question

Super Mario Odyssey embodies an old ad campaign and spirit that defines us all as gamers. By asking one simple question. Who are you?

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