Smash Bros. Switch Biggest Questions

In the March 8th, Nintendo Direct bombs were dropped. A teaser trailer for a Super Smash Bros. game on the Nintendo Switch. The video introduced the Squid Kids, Inkling Boy & Inkling Girl to the roster.  Nintendo has revealed that Smash Bros Switch is coming in 2018, but little else has been made known.   Smash fans around the world are left with more questions than answers.  Here are some of the biggest questions and (probable) answers regarding the new Super Smash Bros.

Is This Super Smash Bros 5?

My gut says no. There are a lot of signs that point to it being a new title. There are new logos. Copyright information seems to place HAL Laboratories as the developer instead of Smash 4’s Bandai Namco. Series’ Director Masahiro Sakurai has some very interesting tweets that can be construed as him working on a “new game”. Several character models did seem to be updated (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ‘s Link). 

But here are some big red flags. Sakurai doesn’t just make a game, he crafts a game.  Keeping in mind that he just came off supporting Smash 4 with the inclusion of Bayonetta less than 2 years ago, that means he has only been working on Smash Bros Switch for less than 2 years.  With the amount of content he loads into each game, I simply can’t see him getting a fully brand new Smash game from development to market in 2 years.  My gut tells me that this is going to be a Deluxe version much like Mario Kart 8 being updated and ported to the Switch in 2017..

Image result for Shovel Knight Super smash bros

What New Characters Will We See?

Articles are popping up left and right with some very unorthodox and interesting ideas on characters for Smash Bros Switch.  With the curve balls we’ve seen with Pac-Man, Mega Man, Ryu, Cloud, and Bayonetta, it honestly does seem like nothing is off the table.  A few characters do stand out though.

Crash Bandicoot

It does seem rather far-fetched, but so did Cloud and Ryu before 2014.  With The N-Sane Trilogy appearing on the Switch this is one that could definitely happen.  His unorthodox jumps, spins, slides and bazooka cannon would fit in great with the Smash Bros roster.  Not to mention the Tiki Mask would go great as a Final Smash.



Waluigi being would definitely be a deep cut of a choice. Just think how much fun it would be to play the Mario Bros vs the Wario Bros In a 2v2  smash battle.  His gangly length, awkward movements, and angled body could make do for a great character with zoning strikes and stage control very similar to Corrin.  Many of his special moves could pull from his many appearances in Mario sports titles in a very Princess Peach way.

Shovel Knight


This one just feels right for Smash Bros Switch.  The unique weapon he utilizes, platforming background and many interesting character skins would make for GREAT fan service.  While Shovel Knight was heavily suspected in Smash WiiU/3DS,  fans were disappointed he wasn’t included,  but now might be the time to rectify that mistake.

Image result for splatoon stage super smash bros
This image is fan-made art that is based on the Smashville stage from Super Smash Bros Wii/U.

New Stages in Super Smash Bros Switch

With a new entry in the Smash Bros franchise, new stages are bound to follow.  The stages will be mixed bag of excerpts from some of the most popular Nintendo games and homages to Nintendo’s past.


The reveal of Squid Kids as playable characters makes it a no-brainer that there will be a stage for the Nintendo kid-friendly shooter.  Paint will definitely be a factor on the stage, possibly being used to speed or slow down characters on certain platforms.   While the image above is  a fan-made labor it gives a good example of the kinds of unique flavoring a Splatoon stage could receive.  This stage will be full of color and have some awesome game tracks to go alongside it.

Super Mario Odyssey

With Super Mario Odyssey dominating 2017 for Nintendo  we will definitely see this stage come to Smash.  Look for many stage transitions utilizing the ship and several hazards to transport players between them.  Cappy could make an appearance in the stage, perhaps transforming players quick enough to capture him to one of the many creatures in Odyssey.

What Other New Content Will We See?

As with every concurrent Smash Bros. entry, Sakurai finds ways to add more and more content each and every time. The music, cameo appearances of support characters, trophies and fun fact tidbits with each loading screen; the list goes on.

Whether it’s new game or a deluxe port, Smash Bros Switch will undoubtedly be a labor of love.  We’re anxiously awaiting the release date and practicing for the new brawl coming in 2018.

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