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Sony Bolstering Move Titles From October to November

Sony has announced six move-enabled titles and updates that will be available for purchase beginning in October all the way through late November. Among these …

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Motion Control Gaming, Next Best Thing?

I remember when there wasn’t even the slightest thought of someone controlling a video game without an actual controller. Gaming has come a long way,and …

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Motion control: Which came first the Wii Move or Kinect?

Now the answers you find below may very well shock the life out of you, so I’ve been urged to issue a warning. Caution: Do …

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CNET's top ten game list

CNET recently released their “top ten games of the fall” list and I found it to be a bit lacking. Granted, there aren’t a lot …

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Do We Need Next Gen Systems?

With PAX ending and E3 way behind us, I’m starting to hear rumors about a new Nintendo console. In passing, online, I’ve heard Nintendo mention …

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Ubisoft Announce Michael Jackson The Experience

Ubisoft has finally announced its Michael Jackson title as ‘Michael Jackson: The Experience and is due to release in November with motion control functionality. The …

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