Motion Control Gaming, Next Best Thing?

I remember when there wasn’t even the slightest thought of someone controlling a video game without an actual controller. Gaming has come a long way,and along with it we’ve seen quite a few changes. Currently, in this generation, it seems as if motion control gaming is the way to go.

Made popular by, Nintendo’s Wii, motion control gaming looks to revolutionize the video game industry. In the beginning, many people were skeptical about motion control gaming and how it would function. Though as time passed, motion control gaming has expand rapidly. Other gaming companies such as PlayStation and Microsoft, witnessed how popular the new way of gaming had become. Since then, we have been introduced into PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect.


This year’s E3 Expo was basically a full on ad for motion control gaming. There were plenty of titles along with add-ons announced. My question is, why are we all of a sudden so caught up in motion control gaming; when there are plenty of things that could be tweaked to improve the overall gaming experience. Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy what motion control gaming brings, but I think that its getting a little out of hand. Its getting to, if not already there yet, to the point where hand controlled gaming becomes the underdog in this situation. Also, with the announcement of the WiiU, it looks like we’ll be seeing another console come into play trying to stay competitive with Nintendo.

Motion control gaming titles, as well as supporters, continue to enlarge in numbers but how long will it last? In my opinion, this is just a trend that will soon fade when the next piece of technology arrives. Although its very entertaining, I don’t see motion control gaming lasting very long. So is motion control gaming the next best thing? Hmm, I say nothing beats classic 2 hands & 8 face buttons!

Do you think motion control gaming is the next best thing or is it just trend that will soon come to an end. Please leave your opinion in the comment section below.


  • Exercise for gamers
  • New way of gaming


  • Not much of a Multiplayer Experience
  • Tiredsome
  • Graphics could be better
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