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Google Announces Google Play Early Access Expansion

Today, Google announced that all Google Play developers will be able to post their apps on the Google Play store.

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SQUIDS Wild West Coming to Apple Devices on June 27th!

Gear up for an epic adventure through the gun-slinging sea as SQUIDS Wild West will make it’s way to all Apple devices on June 27th!

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Gamification in the Professional Field — An Interview With Aaron Alexander

Within recent history, Gamification has been gaining stride in popularity and usage across almost everything we know or use. Websites and mobile apps are a great example of things that use Gamification techniques to promote user engagement.

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App of the Week Rundown 05: Karate Crazy!

When it comes to mobile gaming, I’ve found that the most addictive apps are the ones that bring out the tap-maniac in all of us; …

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App of the Week Rundown 03: Time Geeks: Find All! HD

Time Geeks: Find All! puts a unique, sci-fi twist on what we know as the classic hidden objects game. Developed by Cory Games, Time Geeks provides “geeks and …

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App of the Week Rundown 01: Run Run Dash!

What’s going on gamers, fanatics, and junkies?!  Welcome to the first ever Game Fanatics edition of “App of the Week Rundown With Kae.”  You probably …

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