App of the Week Rundown 05: Karate Crazy!

When it comes to mobile gaming, I’ve found that the most addictive apps are the ones that bring out the tap-maniac in all of us; the games that are exciting, fast-paced, and keep us on our toes; And the games that keep us coming back for a higher score… every 5 minutes.  Karate Crazy does just that, while showcasing some of our favorite things about gaming… fun graphics, close combat, and blood… lots-and-lots of blood.

Created by Poppy, Karate Crazy is a very simple touch game with easy-to-follow controls: tap right to punch/kick right, and tap left to punch/kick left.  Displayed in an 8-bit fashion, Karate Crazy is a quick-response game where you are in charge of your last breath; the longer you stay alive, the harder the enemies become.  From two directions, you must defeat as many as possible, and stay alive for as long as you can.

These blood-sucking enemies are out to get you, and they will grab you if you’re not quick enough.  Once they get a hold of you, your health will begin to drop quickly, and you’ll be advised to shake your device to release the enemies clutches.  With every enemy you defeat, you will accumulate health and heighten your chances for survival.

You can find Karate Crazy in the iTunes app store for free, available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Katerina’s AOTWR Rating: 5/5

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