Google Announces Google Play Early Access Expansion

Let’s see if Google Play can handle Early Access better than Steam.

Last May, Google revealed their plan for an early access section on their Google Play store for Android devices. Today, Google announced that all Google Play developers will be able to post their apps on the Google Play store.

Originally, the Early Access Program was limited to 29 developers handpicked by Google and some extra companies such as Lingbe and Readfeed. As of today, any Android developer can publish an early access copy of their app or game.

There do appear to be some caveats to this, however. One thing want-to-be developers will notice is the form that must be filled out to get on Early Access. It seems that Google will still be handling the bulk of curation, but we’ve seen how Valve has handled their Steam Early Access in the past.


On the flip side, people who want to download an app via Early Access may not be able to. Developers can set up download caps, so you will have to join a waiting list if all 100 or so early access copies have been distributed.

Another point that Early Access users will want to know is that the apps are not the final product. Should the full launch occur later, users will have to uninstall the Early Access copy and install the new one.

We will have to wait and see how things play out from here. Will Google succumb to the hordes of bad games that have already claimed Steam Early Access? Will mobile games become better as a result of early feedback? Stick around the Game Fanatics to find out.

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