ARMS Review | Packs a Punch

ARMS is a fighting game with a great foundation. But like its fighters, it sometimes stretches and comes up short in some areas.

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ARMS Might Have Legs | Fanatical Take

I spent some time in the testpunch for ARMS and it looks like it’s on the right path to being one heck of a time.

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Watch: The Best and Worst-Case Scenarios for the Nintendo Switch

I wanted to approach as a realist and see just what we can expect from the Nintendo Switch, whether it’s good or bad. There’s a lot of hyperbole on either side, but it’s usually candy-coated dreams or apocalyptic ramblings.

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Hands-On With the Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

Compared to the Wii and Wii U launch, the Nintendo Switch will be coming out the gate with some obvious choices, and surprise contenders. Here is a quick look at some upcoming games that will be hitting shelves soon.

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Watch: Nintendo Reveals The Colorful Cast of Arms

Outside of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Nintendo Switch’s launch lineup is looking a little bare. Sure it’s got some great …

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Nintendo Switch Manages to Both Excited and Disappoint

Our Hands-On With the Nintendo Switch

To end January on a good note, Penny Arcade had its third annual convention, PAX South. This year, Nintendo entered the show floor showcasing their newest console that’s releasing in March, the Nintendo Switch.

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