Hands-On With the Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

I’ve already stated what I thought about the Nintendo Switch, but the heart and soul of any console are the games. Compared to the Wii and Wii U launch, the Switch will be coming out the gate with some obvious choices, and some surprise contenders. After checking out the Nintendo booth at PAX South here is a quick look at some of the titles that will soon be upon us.

Hands-On With the Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games



Release Date: Q2 2017

This brawler appeared to be a deeper version of Wii Sports boxing that showcased the Wiimote and Nunchuk. While Arms may share a lot conceptually with the Wii Sports game, it’s clear that this title is no mere gimmick. I quickly learned that flailing my fists toward the TV with yield no results. The Joy-Cons were hyper-sensitive and didn’t respond well to sporadic movement, which made Arms a delight and challenge to play.

The sophisticated controls were enough to track the bends in my wrist and hands. Whether it was for moving around the arena or throwing an exact curved hooked shot. Beyond that, Arms was the best looking game showcased, which frankly was quite surprising. This title deserves some credibility and maybe a purchase.



Release Date: March 3, 2017

First, there was Wii Sports, followed by Nintendo Land, and now we have 1-2-Switch. I didn’t play every mini-game, but the ones I did play were fun, no matter how socially awkward they became. Nintendo has introduced HD rumble and it’s everything they promised it would be.

One of the games featured required players to hold to the Joy-Con flat in your palm. Then move it around to “feel” tiny balls rolling around in your controller. The HD rumble completely sold me on the sensation that spherical shapes were rolling around in the “box” I was holding.

While Quick Draw, the western game, had you face to face with your opponent. At the signal, you and your rival would draw your Joy-Con and fire. The game traced draw speed and when and where you pulled the trigger. Quick hands meant nothing if you couldn’t aim properly. Hopefully, this collection of unique mini-games aren’t simply here to showcase the Nintendo Switch’s new features, but the framework for what’s to come.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Release Date: March 3, 2017

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild demo has been out for a while now, but this was its first time featured on the Nintendo Switch. There wasn’t much new to bring to the table except one thing. The controls. The best experience will be with the Switch Pro controller or the Switch itself with the Joy-Con’s attached. Attaching the Joy-Cons to the Switch and picking it up from the dock was an event. In that split second where the world of Hyrule went from the TV screen to the palms of my hands was almost indescribable.

Though it was brief gaming felt new and mysterious again, and so did the plans of Hyrule. As I played roamed it was interesting that no two people were doing the same thing. The world opened up and we all had different agendas. Some were cutting down trees, some ran off in search of powerful weapons, and I was making my way to the ruins of The Temple of Time. We all had the same goal, yet found our own path to follow there. That was the true beauty of this game. There is no path to follow only the adventure ahead of you.

Only time will tell if the Switch library will grow into something great, or simply start strong. Other titles like Super Bomberman R and Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers are rounding off things quite nicely. And with the promise of decent 3rd party support, there is finally solid ground for Nintendo to stand on. I want to believe in the Switch like I believed in Nintendo years ago, and these games are fueling my optimism.

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