Soldiers! Ready for Full Deployment?

Been fancying the Playstation Move sharp shooter? Might we suggest you eager troops hold on until after you read this article. On April 19, the long-awaited SOCOM 4 will hit store shelves and so will its recently announced Full Deployment edition. This bundle comes with SOCOM 4, both the Playstation Move and Navigation controllers, the PlayStation Eye camera, and the PlayStation Move sharp shooter.  Now this is one hell of a deal, and hold on to your hats because we’re gonna break it down for you. The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter costs around $40, the PlayStation Move Controller costs $50, the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller costs $30, the PlayStation Eye Camera costs $31, and of course the game costs around $60. The ‘Full Deployment Edition’ is worth $149.99, so in essence, you’re technically getting SOCOM 4 for free when you purchase the bundle (do the math ;)). You can get the SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy Seals Full Deployment Edition here.


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