PlayStation Vita Hits 1.4 Million Units Sold Worldwide

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  • Civerius

    Online gaming is growing faster then anything I have ever seen.

  • Cat

    Thumbs up

  • Oswaldo

    So theres a reason i didnt buy this game

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  • Cash Rad

    My brother said a few of months again that he wanted a psp. I haven’t seen him in a while, so I desired to surprise him. I saw that the Playstation Vita is coming out soon. Ought To I wait around and get him that instead? Will it be far better than the psp? Thanks for any advice.

  • Jokerzwild

    Dang pretty good sales, I wouldn’t expect it to break a million for a month or more

  • Leighannemixer

    Is the Playstation Vita heading to have a price tag drop and how much are you ready to commit for it.

  • Loretta Neale

    I will be utilizing the Playstation Vita to obtain game titles of PSN (if I can) and such. Is it really worth dropping about $300 for a new Playstation 3 if I Am going to be obtaining a Vita anyways?

  • Lizzie Galatioto

    Will games and video clips that have been put on a memory stick from the PSP 300 operate on the Playstation Vita? The sorts that are acquired from Playstation Network?

  • Roslyn Pasley

    I will be using the Playstation Vita to download games of PSN (if I can) and such. Is it worth dropping about $300 for a new Playstation 3 if I’m going to be getting a Vita anyways?

  • nyyankees1123

    I was wondering because playstation talk about how they will put games like mgs4 and killzone etc onto playstation vita and these games take up whole blu ray discs! How can that fit onto a tiny card and on wikipedia it says the cards are only 4gb ?! So how can you fit a ps3 game onto a 4gb game card?!!!!
    Please answer I will give 5 stars! Easy points!

  • SKATEskum

    Don’t give me any mobile or stay at home gamer crap please, I just wanna know which would you buy if you had 250 dollars. ( playstation 3 is now 250 dollars) also, if should I wait after the playstation vita comes out to buy it? I’m planning on buying it in december IF I decide its what I want.

  • Hannah

    Well, I heard that there are going to be memory cards for the playstation vita. But what is it for? It is for downloadable games, pictures, music, videos? Will I be able to just buy a game and save my progress like how the Nintendo ds/3ds games does?

  • veemodz

    The guy saying Sega Genesis, wow, I’m sorry. I consider that one of the best systems ever made. No good games? Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe? I could make a novel on those games. Me personally. I thought the Sega Master System was downright pathetic with only a few decent games. Atari Jaguar has to be considered one of the worst debocles of all time too. I could only play Alien VS Predator for so long and with nothing else worth playing, I knew I spent too much.

  • Boo Cookie

    If i get a 3G/WiFi PS Vita from amazon and I don’t like it can i send it back and get just a WiFi one?

  • kiltakblog

    I have this old Palm m105 and i have a few fingerprints on the screen. I want to know if there is a way to remove the prints without damaging the screen.

  • The Inc

    My friend got one and he completely ruined his game but the only way I can completely beat a game is with a game shark. and the game is really important to me….dont ask why.

  • Taylor G

    Basically do I have to re buy my games to put them on playstation vita

  • lets roll

    I’m doing a project on the history of video games. I would like to know when all consoles and handheld out right now came out and what video game company manufactured them. I would like the link to the site or sites where you got the information from. I would also want to know how the graphics progressed from the first video game to now.
    i mainly want information on the video game systems in the united states. like, the name of the system, year it came out, and the compony the owns the system.

  • Austin

    the employees are giving codes away to their friends.

    People are complaining that their codes aren’t working, nice going Sony and Taco Bell! Two idiot companies! One with Nasty food and the other with poor Advertisements of The Playstation Vita!