Metal Gear Online Details Finally Ready for Battle

Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Online is coming to consoles and PC soon, and this trailer showcases a cardboard box of new modes and classes.

Tokyo Game Show has provided those waiting for the last piece of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to click into place a window into the full-fledged online segment. Modes, maps and classes were all detailed with the official launch sitting less than a month away, and the modes in particular seem to use the wide arsenal available in single-player in ways other games don’t.

Metal Gear Online
A familiar Unique Character with special abilities.

Modes, or Missions, currently include Cloak and Dagger, Comm Control, and the showcase of the video above, Bounty Hunter. The first has the basics of Demolition from Call of Duty with one team moving to retrieve data discs and another defending, but the twist is that attackers have lethal weapons while defenders are limited to non-lethal ones. This puts the pressure on defenders to knock out opponents and then Fulton them from the field of battle before they can recover. As shown above, Bounty Hunter has a similar wrinkle in that Team Deathmatch is the core concept but players can Fulton opponents with high bounties, adding whatever bounty total that is to their life count and extending that resource for the team.

Metal Gear Online has also been shown to have at least five maps ready for deployment with some taking a cue from single player areas. Jade Forest and Red Fortress seem to be set in Africa and Afghanistan respectively while Gray Rampart – a dam and surrounding structures – and Amber Station – a gas refinery on a harbor – seem to be original creations for this mode. The infamous blacksite from Ground Zeroes rounds out the list of arenas that Konami was ready to talk about.

Metal Gear Online

Classes will be based more on skill than on how you prepare your loadout in Metal Gear Online. Scout is billed as the beginner class and specializes in long-range combat and support, Enforcer brings the pain a little closer with heavy weapons and slower speeds, and Infiltrator is a speedy, CQC master meant for more experienced players.

Progression and the unique character and buddy systems are all also available for perusal on Konami’s site. Just as a reminder, this will be separate from single-player mode and the FOB defense mode that ties into Mother Base.

Meanwhile, Konami is still ironing out server issues and working to bring FOBs up to full strength. With the release of Metal Gear Online on October 6 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, we will see how dedicated Konami is to reaching the legions of fans that bought The Phantom Pain. You can check out our review of the main game here.

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