Metal Gear Online 2 Being Revived By A Team Of Fans

When Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots launched, it brought an online mode—Metal Gear Online 2that ended up being both loved and hated by fans. While adored for the intense competitive fights and amazing skills such as ‘charm’, it became a toxic space when hackers invaded. Long forgotten by the developers, now focused on Metal Gear Solid V’s online mode, it was necessary for players to step up.

Dust off your PS3s and find your Metal Gear Solid 4 copies, because the ‘Save MGO’ project announced that the title could be back online on all PS3 consoles next April (estimated date).

The Work of Fanatics

By restoring a custom backup through a USB device, the team managed to bypass further updates and stick to the 1.36 version of the game while also changing the server’s URLs to the ones provided by them.

Servers will be provided by them, as will be the forum and statistics. Their plan is to combine game and website to give players a solid place to interact with other clans and share their achievements, keeping the niche community alive since the original Metal Gear Online.

Aside from the core breakthrough of making Metal Gear Online 2 playable again, SaveMGO plans to improve and develop the server’s code for a better experience. Many bugs have been addressed, such as the lagged invisible grenade, but many others remain. The game’s revival is only available for EU and US copies.

It may take some time until the competitive Survival and Tournament matches are back up, but in the meantime, fans of this installment will be glad to go back online and sneak, shoot, or flex-charm their enemies to death.


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