FPS Puzzle Title Overturn Launches on October 17


Publisher YJM Games has announced that Studio HG’s first-person shooter action-puzzle adventure, Overturn, will be available on October 17 for $29.99. The VR title will be available digitally for PC, Vive and Rift.

The game tells of a daring escape of two subjects from a deadly laboratory where they were subjected to genetic experimentation; as a result, gaining frightening psychic powers.

Thankfully players aren’t alone. MAGI, a fellow survivor with psychic powers, will provide some help in tougher situations. She shines thanks to her offensive and defensive skills: Infinite Charge, Grenade, Battle MAGI, Time Slow, Shield, and HP. Problem is, will she be able to fully control her powers at will?

Overturn Gameplay

The core mechanics of Overturn requires quick reflexes in order to dodge incoming projectiles. To survive the enemy onslaught, players are equipped with beam rifles, energy swords, grenades, mechanical robots in addition to bare fists. The game is also peppered with puzzles to ensure a more treacherous escape.

Studio HG also allows players to create content for Overturn with built-in Twitch chat support; in addition to a third-person camera systems that can be manipulated to provide an alternate perspective on the action.

You can keep an eye on the upcoming Overturn Steam page.


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