Super Miniboss Wireless Controller by Nyko

Here we go again, folks! Today, Nintendo releases their SNES Classic Edition. We all know what happened with the NES Classic Edition. So, if you happen to be one of the lucky ones to obtain this nostalgic console by pre-order or in store, everyone knows that one controller is not enough for this mini console. Though it already comes with two controllers, what better way to go wireless than with Nyko‘s Super Miniboss Wireless Controller!

Super Miniboss Wireless Controller

Nyko - Super Miniboss Wireless Controller 02

As you can see, the design is based off the original SNES controller. It complements the retro style and feel of the original console. While the SNES controller comes with a five foot cord attached, the Super Miniboss comes with a USB adapter. If you need something with a little more freedom, then getting the Super Miniboss will solve your problems. The player is able to play comfortably without limitations from a cord.


Nyko - Super Miniboss Wireless Controller 03

The Super Miniboss also introduces a turbo button in the middle below the select and start buttons. The turbo button is meant for fast-paced shooters, and it’s dedicated for super fast input as well. With the success of Nyko’s NES Miniboss controller, the Super Miniboss will have ergonomic buttons, triggers and D-pad to sit well in your hands. This will help with long hours of gaming. Another nice feature to the controller is the home screen. This makes navigating back to the main screen with ease.

Nyko - Super Miniboss Wireless Controller 01

Super Miniboss Key Features:

  • Precise button mashing action with complete wireless freedom
  • Dedicated turbo button for super fast input
  • Home screen functionality – just hold the turbo button and hit select
  • Ergonomic face buttons, triggers, and a true D-Dad
  • Cord-free gameplay

There you have it, the Super Miniboss Wireless Controller! It is now available for pre-order at Amazon, GameStop and Nyko at MSRP of $19.99. If you need that wireless life, then this is the controller you need to get your hands on!

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