Need For Speed Payback Accelerates Toward Release with a New Trailer

Need for Speed Payback

With the release under two months away, Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for Ghost Games’ Need For Speed Payback. The latest video puts the spotlight on Fortune Valley; the open world area players will drive around in. The map includes a variety of areas such as Liberty Desert and Silver Rock. While Liberty Desert is made for off-road races, Silver rock is a small scale city ideal for drag racing.

The game also promises a robust story mode where players as three protagonists (Tyler Morgan, Mac and Jess) as they attempt to take down a cartel dubbed The House who controls the shady underworld of Fortune Valley.

Need For Speed Payback is the twenty-third entry in the long running racing franchise. Unlike 2015’s Need For Speed, this game will feature offline single player for players who enjoy a more solo experience.

Need For Speed Payback is racing toward a November 10th release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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