E3 2014 | Monoprice Has New 4K Monitors, Aims to Make Them "Accessible"

At long last Monoprice has decided to take the plunge and enter the realm of computer monitors, and in a not so timid way. Later this year around the third fiscal quarter, Monoprice will be releasing two monitors.

A 24” 1080p gaming monitor, and a 28” professional grade 4k ultra-HD monitor, for all your high-resolution needs…Now, with that out the way, I have this to say.

I’ve purchased stuff from Monoprice in the past, mainly computer cables to help transfer video files from video camcorders and such. And I have to say those cables worked better than the ones I purchased from Wal-Mart. In all honesty, I’m looking forward to these new monitors from Monoprice, not because I like their stuff, but because I know they’ll be of a good build quality and be affordable, and will last me a long time.

I’m sure this sounds like some sort of paid endorsement but it’s not. I call it like I see it. Monoprice makes good products at an affordable price, and that’s just that. If you wish to know more about the professional gaming monitor please check out the press release below. And I highly recommend clicking the link here to check out some monitors they have available as well as the other products they sell.

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Company to deliver its new ultra high-definition gaming series displays, featuring a stunning 28” 4K resolution monitor, as well as a 24” Hi Res 1080p LED model to come later this year.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., – In its quest to provide customers a revolutionary gaming experience at an affordable price, leading tech accessories brand Monoprice is showcasing its new ultra-high resolution gaming and professional monitors, featuring 28” 4K resolution and 24” 1080p models.

Monoprice has expanded its impressive line of high-end monitors, while maintaining prices substantially lower than other comparable displays on the market to support its highly regarded line of high-quality gaming products. The monitors’ launches are tentatively scheduled for third quarter of this year.

Monoprice’ s new ultra high definition monitors — comparable in quality to industry brands costing as much $900 — can take your content to a whole new level in featuring games, movies and sports in Ultra High Definition @ 60hz with a brilliant 3840×2160 picture quality 4x higher resolution than the current standard 1080p (That’s an amazing 8 million pixels). Connectivity options provided include 3 HDMI, and a single Display Port allowing you to connect your favorite HD devices. Additionally, these monitors feature ultra fast 1ms response time, unbelievable color reproduction with an amazing 1 billion color palette, and a native 16×9 aspect ratio to transform your gaming experience.

“Our new monitors will bring a whole new gaming experience to those that haven’t been able to afford it,” said Chris Apland, Monoprice’s roduct manager for gaming and networking. “That has been our goal since we launched our gaming line at E3 last year. Why should it cost so much create a 4K gaming entertainment system? Monoprice’s fans know that our new monitors will carry the same aggressive pricing they have come to expect.”

Monoprice’s new gaming series 24” hi-res1080p LED monitor will provide true to life color and imagery with the latest LED panels (1920×1080) offering true motion at up to 144hz and a fast refresh rate of 120hz. Other features include a user friendly position and control with height, tilt, and swivel adjustment with the built-in port Xpander height adjustable stand. A superspeed USB 3.0 hub and audio output via your HDMI source adds extra convenience.

“I am really excited about our new monitors, and it shows how we continue to strive to deliver high-end products – at price points that make this type of technology more accessible to a broader number of electronics enthusiasts,” said Luke Grant, Monoprice’s vice president of marketing. “It’s all part of our brand’s promise of continuing to expand into new products and markets, bringing simplicity, fairness and confidence to our customers’ technology choices.”





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