AOC Sets Eyes on eSports With The AOC AGON Gaming Monitor

AOC AGON gaming monitors

AOC announced today that the premium line of gaming monitors, the AOC AGON Gaming Monitor to be exact. The series would be available in the U.S. By introducing the AOC AGON gaming monitors to the U.S. AOC hopes to tap into the eSports market. Two models will be available in the AGON line which is perfect for the competitive gaming scene who often spend long hours behind the monitor.

The AOC AGON gaming monitors line will consist of the AG27QX and the AG27QG.  The AG27QX is a 27 inch quad high-definition (QHD) monitor. The AG27QX features a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. The QHD resolution of 2560 1440 allows for sharper action without tearing or stuttering. The AG27QG is a 27 inch IPS monitor. The AG27QG comes with NVIDIA G-Sync technology and a 165Hz refresh rate. The IPS display with QHD resolution allows for clarity and extra-wide viewing angles.

AOC AGON gaming monitors

The eSports scene is a major focus of the AOC AGON monitor line. The AOC Low Input Lag mode disables picture post-processing, which allows for pass-through of inputs. The AOC Shadow Control enables contrast adjustment. Extreme dark or light areas are adjustable while not reducing quality of the well-balanced areas.  These adjustments are vital when playing in high pressure environments.


The display is designed to ease eye strain during long hours of gaming. AOC Flicker-Free technology and AOC Low Blue Light mode both reduce eye strain and fatigue. Customized presets can be programmed to keep settings exact, while the AOC QuickSwitch Controller allows switching between modes to adjust brightness, contrast and other features.AOC AGON Gaming Monitor

Adjustments to tilt, height, and swivel of the base is another nice feature. Both monitors come equipped with a handle for easy carrying, while a side headphone holder provides support when not being used. These customized settings and ease of mobility make them ideal for eSports tournaments.

The AG271QX is available in the today for $599, while the AG271QG will be available this October for $799.

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