E3 2013 | Dead Rising 3 Exclusive to Xbox One

Microsoft has announced that Dead Rising 3 will be coming exclusively to Xbox One. This third installment in the popular Capcom zombie survival series seems to have many of the series’ trademarks intact, including an open world full of zombies, a focus on improvised melee weapons and an all new protagonist. This time around you’ll be taking control of Nick Ramos who, judging by the trailer and screenshots, looks like a mechanic.

Check out the announcement trailer:

Whereas the first game took place almost entirely in a mall and Dead Rising 2 took place in Las Vegas, the world in Dead Rising 3 encompasses the entire fictional city of Los Perdidos, California. As in the last title, you’ll be able to craft an array of improvised weapons from the things you find in the game world to aid in your mass slaughter of the zombie hordes. 


Driving has been said to be a “critical part of exploration” as well as being a good way to take out more zombies. Zombies react to sight and sound and can be distracted in a variety of ways, including using thrown flares.  Xbox Smartglass integration is also going to be included, giving players the ability to call in airstrikes to take out large groups of zeds at a time. Considering how impressively the Xbox 360 was able to fill the screen with zombies in the original Dead Rising, one can only imagine how packed the world is going to be using extra horsepower from Xbox One.

In other words "a lot"
In other words “a lot”

Dead Rising 3 is set to release this holiday season exclusively for the Xbox One. Its being developed by Capcom Vancouver and published by Microsoft. We’ll have more on this and other Xbox One titles as we draw closer to launch.

(Source: IGN)

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