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Dust Off Your Survival Boots, Dead Rising 3 Coming to PC

Dead Rising 3 will no longer be exclusive to Xbox One. It will be coming to Steam in North America and Europe by the end of this summer.

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E3 2014 | Capcom Reveals E3 Lineup

Capcom, the developer that brought you the Street Fighter and Resident Evil franchises, has confirmed its E3 lineup with a few new titles in the …

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Capcom Unveils New Details About Dead Rising 3

In a community blog yesterday a Capcom employee released new details on Dead Rising 3, such as co-op mode, and the return of Psychos.

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Dead Rising 3 | Psychopath Boss Battles

In Capcom’s Dead Rising 3, zombies aren’t main character Nick’s only hazard to contend with…there’s also the regular people driven insane by the zombie apocalypse.

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E3 2013 | Dead Rising 3 Exclusive to Xbox One

Microsoft has announced that Dead Rising 3 will be coming exclusively to Xbox One.

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