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Usually my articles pertain to gaming and… that’s basically it. It’s my recreation, profession, and passion. But a man can’t be expected to do the …

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The Comic Fanatic: 7/25 – American Vampire, X-Force, Debris, X-Treme X-Men, Mass Effect

Hello, True Believers! This has been a great week in the world of comics. Lots of good stuff out. Let me touch on a few …

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Special edition of The Comic Fanatic: Congratulations to Northstar and Kyle!

This week we have a special edition of The Comic Fanatic. We’ll be wishing Northstar and Kyle a long and happy marriage, and go into …

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The Comic Fanatic: Week of 5/23: The Tick, FreakAngels, Astonishing X-Men

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Comic Fanatic. Picked up a couple comics this week, so let’s talk about them before I start ranting …

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Top 10 X-Men Stories, Part 2 (5-1) (Avengers VS X-Men)

Welcome back, for the conclusion of my favorite X-Men stories. If you’re just joining us, be sure to check out part one. So, without further hesitation, …

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Save the Date for Astonishing X-Men #51!

Written by MARJORIE LIU Pencils by MIKE PERKINS Cover by DUSTIN WEAVER ON SALE JUNE 2012 So this image has been floating around the internet …

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