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Catching Up With the Best Comics of the Year! (so far)

Comics can be a tough nut to crack for anyone looking to figure out where to start. Do you go for the big publishers and …

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Invincible Issue 100 Sells Out on Day One

When Robert Kirkman hits 100 issues of a series, that issue, as history tells us with The Walking Dead #100, will sell, and it will …

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Ravine Brings Epic Fantasy to the Comic World Once More

Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic, partners in crime on the series ARTIFACTS from Image Comics/Top Cow, have created together a graphic novel called Ravine, an …

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Athletic Superheroes Take Charge In 'Mara' Mini-Series

Image Comics announced a brand new original mini series featuring an athletic superhero set in the future entitled Mara. 

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'Revival' Comic Series Selling Out, Reprints Revive It Back To Shelves

Image Comic’s suprise smash comic series, Revivial, sells out and receives even more reprints.

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Invincible #100: The Death of …?

The first teaser image for the upcoming Invincible #100 has been released, and it’s sure to raise some questions, as well some emotions. It appears that someone …

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Point of Impact – New Image Comics Miniseries in October

Point of Impact, a new miniseries from Image Comics is set for an October release.  The creator of Near Death, Jay Faerber, and artist Koray Kuranel, bring …

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The Comic Fanatic: 7/25 – American Vampire, X-Force, Debris, X-Treme X-Men, Mass Effect

Hello, True Believers! This has been a great week in the world of comics. Lots of good stuff out. Let me touch on a few …

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Grim Leaper and America's Got Powers Sell Out, 2nd Printings Inbound

As many comic readers know, a “fifth Wednesday” is a ‘free” day for comic books. It allows comic book readers and retailers to pick up …

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Robert Kirkman's Thief of Thieves Picked Up for Fourth Printing

Creator of the post-apocalyptic graphic novel and AMC addiction The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman is leaving yet another legion of fans hungry for more, this …

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Harvest — The Doctor Will See You on August 2012

Harvest, new from Image Comics will come out in a five part series starting on August 2012.

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Image Comics iOS Upgrades to 3.1

Alright all you digital comic book readers out there, be sure to check out the latest update to Image’s iOS app. The new 3.1 update …

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The Colossals Arise in DEBRIS

DEBRIS is an entirely new mini-series coming from Image Comics and Shadowline. In a dystopian future, the Earth has gone on the offense against the humans as …

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