CES 2012: Sharp Expands Its Range Of Large-Screen LED HD TVs

CES can be a busy time for any electronics company, Sharp it seems are having a busier time than most. Having already announced new lines of Blu-Ray Players, Sound Systems and Touch-Panel Dislays they’re also unveiling a new line of Large Screen LED HD Tvs.

Today they’re introducing its new line of AQUOS® LED TVs, featuring picture quality enhancements, advanced smart connectivity and new designs. Serving as its flagship model, Sharp unveiled the first 80-inch (80” diagonal) screen size class Quattron™ 3D LED TV, available in April 2012.

[quote]”As the number one market share leader in the large screen television market, we’re excited to provide consumers with more choices, better designs and innovative features. It’s clear that consumers are looking for the biggest television experience coupled with the highest picture quality possible, which is exactly what Sharp is delivering in 2012.” –  said John Herrington, president of Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America, a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation. [/quote]

Sharp will expand upon its market-leading selection of large-screen LED TVs in 2012 by offering a wider array of choices to consumers, including more than 20 models in screen size classes of 60-inches or larger, many featuring 3D in 120Hz or 240Hz panel options. The AQUOS Quattron models will feature the new Quad Pixel Plus II technology. All Sharp AQUOS LED TVs meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® version 5.3 standards, drawing a relatively small amount of power for their screen sizes. The 80” class LC-80LE632U is the most energy-efficient flat-panel TV available today, as measured by power consumption per square inch. On average, it costs just $22 per year in electricity use to operate.

In September 2011, Sharp launched the industry’s largest LED TV with its 80-inch class LC-80LE632U, providing more than twice the screen area of a 55-inch TV. Today, Sharp is taking the 80-inch class TV to a new dimension with the launch of the new LC-80LE844U. Available in April, the full HD 1080p LC-80LE844U features a vivid 3D image, employing Sharp’s Quattron technology with full array LED backlighting and a newly developed 240Hz AQUOS LCD panel to virtually eliminate blur during fast-moving video. The LC-80LE844U also boasts built-in WiFi, 4 HDMI® inputs and the new SmartCentral user interface.

Sharp is introducing Quad Pixel Plus II, the latest innovation for its exclusive Quattron technology. Quad Pixel Plus II, available on the 60-inch (60 1/32” diagonal) and 70-inch (69 ½” diagonal) classes Sharp AQUOS Quattron 8 and 9 series LED TVs, offers even greater detail, smoother lines and color transitions. Sharp is improving picture quality even more in the 9 Series with the introduction of full array LED backlighting with local dimming, which provides deep black levels and an optimal contrast ratio, while reducing energy consumption. Local dimming allows specific groups of LEDs to be dimmed for greater control of brightness and darkness in different areas of the screen for outstanding black levels.

Ownership Experience

AQUOS connected TV owners have access to AQUOS Advantage LIVE℠, Sharp’s unique, complimentary customer support program. AQUOS Advantage Live allows trained advisors to remotely connect via the Internet to AQUOS TVs to assist with setup, troubleshooting and picture optimization. And with LIVE answer, Sharp’s experts are available to customers through a dedicated line, 1-87-SEE-AQUOS, providing instantaneous, remote access to representatives. SmartCentral will be integrated in most of Sharp’s new 2012 LED TVs, including the 6, 7, 8 and 9 Series.

The Smarter TV — SmartCentral

The TV is the entertainment hub of the home with consumers demanding the ability to easily access more types of content directly from their TV. Sharp is answering this demand with SmartCentral, a newly designed easy to use, intuitive and customizable user interface. Select models give consumers the ability to search for content, browse the web and access many of the most popular applications, including Netflix®, Hulu™, Facebook®, CinemaNow® and YouTube™ among others. Users can customize their experience with personalized settings, including selecting favorite apps, and choosing from multiple wallpapers and with select models, two viewing formats – full screen or dock.

Another smart feature is Sharp AQUOS Beamzit™, a free media-sharing app that allows users to wirelessly send photos, music and video to a Sharp AQUOS Wi-Fi enabled television from their IOS® or Android™ smart phone or tablet.*

Sharp AQUOS Quattron 9 Series 3D LED TVs

Sharp’s full HD 1080p 9 Series AQUOS Quattron 3D LED TVs in screen size classes of 60- and 70-inches (LC-60LE945U and LC-70LE945U) offer advanced LED technology with Sharp’s brightest Full HD Active 3D panel. They incorporate Quattron Quad Pixel Plus II and full array LED backlighting with local dimming to improve picture quality and deliver a superior viewing experience. The 240Hz panel improves picture quality further by virtually eliminating blur and artifacts from fast-moving video.

The 9 Series features Sharp’s new SmartCentral and built-in WiFi. With five HDMI® inputs, consumers will be able to connect a variety of devices – including computers, to Blu-ray Disc™ players, DVRs, camcorders, sound bar systems and video game consoles – directly to their TV.

Introduction: Summer

Sharp AQUOS Quattron 8 Series 3D LED TVs

Sharp’s 8 Series AQUOS Quattron 3D LED TVs in screen size classes of 60-, 70- and 80-inches (LC-60LE847U, LC-70LE847U and LC-80LE844U) offer a sleeker look with a newly designed ultra-slim bezel with a black brushed aluminum finish. The 80-inch class model features full array LED, and the 60- and 70-inch class models are edge-lit LED, all with Quattron Quad Pixel Plus II technology and 240Hz.

Like the 9 Series, the 8 series offers full HD 1080p with built-in WiFi and SmartCentral. The 8 Series includes four HDMI inputs.

Sharp’s new 7 Series AQUOS 3D TVs models in screen size classes of 60- and 70-inches (LC-60LE745U and LC-70LE745U) also feature a newly designed ultra-slim bezel design with a rich black-brushed aluminum finish. These Full HD Active 3D edge-lit LED TVs feature Sharp’s high-performance AQUOS LCD Panel, full HD 1080p and 120Hz refresh rate. The 7 Series also features built-in WiFi, SmartCentral and four HDMI inputs.Sharp AQUOS 7 Series 3D LED TVs

Sharp’s 6/5 series comprises five different models in screen size classes of 42-, 46-, 52-, 60- and 70-inches (LC-42LE540U, LC-46LE540U, LC-52LE640U, LC-60LE640U, LC-70LE640U) and includes a high-performance AQUOS LCD Panel, edge lit LED backlighting, 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced, and a new narrow bezel design. Like other Sharp series, these models offer built-in WiFi and access to Sharp’s newly designed SmartCentral user interface (docking layout), access to the most popular apps and AQUOS Advantage Live (LE640 Series only). Four HDMI inputs offer multiple ports to connect to your favorite devices.Sharp AQUOS 6/5 Series LED TVs

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