CES 2012: Sharp Expands Its Range of Large Screen, Touch-Panel Display Systems

  • thexbox360player

    I have a 46″ and to be honest , i wish I would have saved some more money and got a Sony. The sound sucks on it but the picture is o.k. Not the best t.v. I have owned but one day i woke up and decided I wanted a L.C.D. Sharp sent a tech out because the t.v. would blink off for about 5 seconds and come back on showing information like the t.v. had just been turned on. They replaced 2 boards of some type and i haven’t had a problem since. The t.v. isn’t the best in the world but their service was great.

  • brincks26

    He came, he asked me questions, I answered, he said he “reset the main board”, and then he said he was ordering me a new one because he said that was most likely the problem.

    I have posted my symptoms here before for guidance and I will now do it again:

    1) Sounds goes in and out when watching HD channels at times on my new Sharp Aquos 42inch LCD TV. When I go to the regular channel the sound is fine. After a half hour or so the sound returns to normal on the HD channel.

    2) The TV will stop working. The TV will stay on, channels can be changed through the cable box but the volume buttons on the remote don’t work, the buttons on the TV don’t work, you can’t turn it on or off. I have to unplug the TV and then plug it back in for it to work correctly again.

    OK, there it is. What do you techies think? Am I gonna have a functioning TV after this “main board” is replaced or am I gonna be seeing a whole lot of this tech for the foreseeable future?

    Thanks, CL10952

  • Jonny

    I have a LC-46XD1E tv, and it has a line of black that runs half way across the screen. Sometimes the line turns blue, depending on what the screen is displaying at the time. The line displays on all inputs.

    My guess is that it’s either a load of dead pixels (which I’m hoping it isn’t) or a bad controller board. If it was a line of dead pixels though, why does the line disappear on that one test pattern? (shown on the video)

    Thanks in advance

    Here is a video of my problem:

  • Erfan

    The TV is about 2-3yo and has been progressively getting worse. It started with about 6 lines of colors (red or white) to now just about the whole screen. TV worked fine at first but noticed it getting worse through time (more steady lines, some flashing red). Could this be the digital processor, board, or is it just dead and cost too much to repair?? My TV is a SHARP AQUOS 37″ LCD…hope this helps!

  • tjpimpin

    and somthing on it broke and one guy said it was a cirucuit board and ordered the part installed nothing happend and deemed it unreparable and another guy said he thought it was the power supply. he odered the part and installed it and nothing happend, then he said it was the light engine.
    any suggestions?
    should i just by another tv?
    im looking at the sharp aquos does any one know where to get cheap?

  • kiltakblog

    I have Sharp Aquos LC46d62u lcd tv. The picture just became snowy one day when I turned it on and has been that way ever since.(See youtube link below). I’m about to open it up to search for any obvious problems (blown capacitors etc.) But before i do, i’m hoping someone out there will reconize this specific problem and could help me out a little. Through some research i suspect the t-con board, But could very well be either the main board or power supply,. I have yet to find a forum about my specific problem. I will keep you updated when i open this thing up. Any advice will help thank you.(see link below)


  • Seth

    I’m planning to purchase new PC I did some shoping in jordan and I have some questions, please respond even if you don’t have answers to all the questions, thank you for taking the time,

    First of all, Here is the parts I am considering to buy:

    1. E7400 Intel Core2 Duo Processor
    2. Gigabyte Motherboard G31 Intel Chipset
    3. 4GB DDR2 667
    4. ATX P4 Case

    The above will cost me around 387$, I Intend to use on-board graphics and sound and ethernet, since I don’t need high-end 3D performance as I don’t play Games.

    Secondly, this is what I Intend to do with my computer:
    1. Play movies and audo
    2. Video editing
    3. Video encoding
    4. Office or other productivity
    5. Multi-task a lot, like listening to music, while downloading files or burning or encoding at the same time.

    My questions are the following:
    1. Will I be able to play 720p and 1080p video efficiantly?
    2. Do you think 387$ is a lot to pay for these parts?
    3. If i down-grade the processor to E5200, I will save 49$ do you think that is a good or bad cost saving considering what performance I will loose and the things I want to use my computer for? I can’t find any performance charts comparing the E5200 to E7400 so I don’t know how much performance I am going to loose with the E5200 if you have some reviews with performance tests please give me a link.
    4. I need some price comparasions between E7400, E6850 and E8000 series
    5. I read on intel’s site, that G31 supports HDMI output, but when I asked my vendor who uses Elite and Gigabyte motherboards and ATX P4 Case, that there is no HDMI interface with this motherboard or case, how can i get HDMI support do I have to use a difirent motherboard manufactorer or a difirence case?
    6. Does Graphic Media Accelerator x310 which comes with the G31 chipset support a resolution of 1366 x 768? this is so I can hock up my Graphic output to the Sharp Aquos LC-42PX5M to view movies

  • have faith

    Ok so i replaced the inverter board and nothing has changed. The set still just blinks the red light. Now what is my problem?