Watch: Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Dream Drop Distance in Wonderful HD

kingdom-hearts 2.8 dream drop distance hd feature image

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance finally gets its well-deserved HD remake

With Kingdom Hearts 2.8 being released on the PS4 this month I was stoked to try out the new HD version of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance as it was released on the 3DS in 2012 and it was amazing then.

Diving into the game and watching the cinematic intro brought nostalgic feelings from all the previous Kingdom Hearts games. Learning the controls again we make it through the tutorial stage and fight Ursula. Once we get her out-of-the-way we continue with the cinematic story and wow, the graphics in the HD version look beautiful and crisp on the screen.

Seeing everything in such higher detail and on a much bigger screen is just amazing and feels overwhelming at times, as from my random screams of joy while playing. The sound FX are like the good old console versions of the Kingdom Hearts series and Square Enix have really stepped up in creating Dream Drop Distance in HD.

On with the story, in Dream Drop Distance we visit sleeping worlds as a test for our mark of mastery exam and have to unlock the sleeping worlds, all the while prove themselves as keyblade masters. Heading to the iconic kingdom hearts worlds we land in traverse town but it’s slightly different then how we remember it. A new added movement/battle system called flowmotion is taught here and new players to the game get confused and rage trying to understand the basics of it in battle, unless that’s just me. Unfortunately in this game there is no Donald or goofy, but instead dream eaters as your companions. Dream eaters are also the “heartless” in this game and there will be a lot of them.

Collecting and creating and army of your own dreameaters while completing the sleeping worlds is what Dream Drop Distance is all about. To be able to interact with your dream eaters in HD is amazing and you will spend a lot of time playing this wonderful game.

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