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New Super Mario Maker Trailer Reveals Tons of New Features

Nintendo has recently released a brand new trailer for Super Mario Maker that shows off a lot of new features that we did not know …

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Super Mario Maker Levels on Disc to Number Around 60

Nintendo has apparently recruited Michel Ancel of Rayman fame to design one of the many, but not quite 100, Super Mario Maker levels.

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Wave 5 Amiibo Release Dates Revealed

Attention all Amiibo Hunters! Prepare those wallets and web browsers, because the North American release date’s for the wave 5 Amiibo’s has been revealed!

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Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI Is Coming to Nintendo NX?!

Square Enix may have spilled the beans on a possible appearance of Dragon Quest XI on Nintendo’s unreleased new system.

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Splatoon Update Is On Its Way and It’s Huge

Calling all kids, squids, and everything in between! Nintendo has recently revealed a massive, free Splatoon update coming August 5th.

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Nintendo Reveals Details on Miiverse Redesign

Nintendo’s vaunted Miiverse is going under the knife to come back better looking and feeling than ever.

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Devil's Third

Devil’s Third Coming to North America through Nintendo After All

The rumors of the Devil’s Third never making its Wii U debut seem to have been exaggerated, as has the title’s Wii U exclusivity.

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