Wave 5 Amiibo Release Dates Revealed

Attention all Amiibo Hunters! Prepare those wallets and web browsers, because the North American release date’s for the wave 5 Amiibo’s has been revealed!

Wave 5 Amiibo Release Dates

Nintendo has stated that on September 11th the following Amiibo (part of the wave 5 Amiibo collection) will be available in stores: Dr. Mario, Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, Bowser Jr., Olimar, and the 30th anniversary Super Mario Maker Amiibo. On September 25th the special Retro 3 Pack containing R.O.B., Mr. Game and Watch, and Duck Hunt will be available exclusively at Gamestop. On August 8th, Gamestop will open preoreders for the Retro 3 Pack. There is a rumor that each store will only be able to get about 30 or so, possibly even fewer so if you really want to get these three then get to Gamestop as early as possible. Unfortunately, the 3 pack will be the only way to obtain these three in North America so if you want to have just one of them you’re going to have to import them from elsewhere. At this time there are no dates for preorders for the one’s coming out on September 11th or whether or not some will be store exclusives but we would assume that information will be revealed soon. We will do our best to inform everyone when we learn more.Wave 5 Amiibo

Also revealed today is the fact that the Mii Brawler, Mii Swordsmen, and Mii Gunner will indeed have their own special 3 pack. However, they have been pushed back until November. Still no word on the Yoshi Woolly World Amiibo but it will be safe to assume that those will be released alongside the actual game itself on October 16th.

Happy hunting everyone and be safe if you are camping out!

Source: Nintendo

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