Super Mario Maker Levels on Disc to Number Around 60

Back in June, the official U.K. website for Mario’s latest game stated that the number of Super Mario Maker levels would level at about 100. Fans immediately started to get excited! 100 pre-made levels with all the crazy and invented ways the game allows you to creat levels sounded amazing! Shortly after unfortunately, the website took down the claim and stated that it was incorrect.

Super Mario Maker Levels

Fortunately for us, Nintendo has corrected that number of Super Mario Maker levels will be somewhere around 60. It may not be 100, but 60 is still a fairly good number. It will be very interesting to see what interesting, new and evil/kaizo levels the team has created.

What is also very exciting news is that Rayman creator, Michel Ancel, has created a level that appears to be one of the number included on the disc. Given the pedigree behind this man, we can only imagine what craziness he has cooked up and stamped into one of the Super Mario Maker levels. With this news, it is hard to not get excited for the possibility of other renown game developers making their own examples, not to mention the millions of other users! It would be a wonderful tribute to Super Mario’s 30th anniversary.

Super Mario Maker Levels
Ancel shown organizing his level ideas.

The world is just about a month away from experiencing these Super Mario Maker levels on September 11th with the Wii U. Hope everyone already has some awesome ideas for levels. We cannot wait to play them!

(Source: Nintendo)

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