Deja Kirk

Deja Kirk, aka Jade Valkyrie, is a content creator known for cosplay and streaming. Her work has been featured in media outlets like Buzzfeed and Quirktastic Co. On top of her creative ventures, Jade is a full-time undergraduate student studying Theater Arts with a minor in Digital Design. Jade is a firm believer that "geekdom" is for everyone and promotes positivity and acceptance regardless of background in the fandom community.

We Need To Talk About Overwatch’s Lore Problem

Overwatch truly needs no introduction. After its release in May of 2016, the game has taken the gaming and esports scene by storm. After only …

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E3 2019 – The Outer Worlds: RPG Genre Hero?

The RPG genre has taken a hit in recent years. Following big publisher buyouts, many of the beloved RPG titles that we know and love …

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Studios and Franchises We’d Like to See on Google’s Stadia

Needless to say, after Google’s reveal of its streaming service, Stadia, consumers and industry professionals alike are raving about its potential to change the way …

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20 Black Cosplayers to Follow Right Now

Here’s to you, black cosplayers! The lovely melinated nerds who stay up late working on their craft, glue and paint on your hands. You amazing …

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5 Smart Ways to Stay Healthy During A Long Gaming Session | Fanatical Five

Kingdom Hearts 3, Apex Legends, Overwatch, and other games are becoming really hard to put down. While there’s nothing wrong with have a marathon session …

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The Game Fanatics’ Top Content Creators of 2018 I Best of 2018

Whether it be Twitch, YouTube or any other platform, content creators inspire, educate, and entertain online audiences. Here at The Game Fanatics, we have compiled …

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