Yes, We Are Ready For A New Crysis

Earlier this week, Charles wondered if we’re ready for a new Crysis game. Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, we are ready. Crytek recently unleashed the newest build of CryENGINE 3‘s SDK and the potential to match graphics that continue to push the limits of our hardware with superb gameplay is there.

Whenever we have a new Crysis entry, people get caught up in the craze over the graphics. Yes, they’re amazing, but that isn’t all Crytek is able to do. What the Crysis franchise does for the FPS genre is quite revolutionary and I’m surprised it hasn’t been picked up on. See, when you look at a, say, third person shooter, you’re probably shocked if it doesn’t contain some sort of cover based mechanic. Even Mass Effect 3 allows Shepard to fluidly roll between cover points and dodge out of enemy fire with ease. Yet this hasn’t really transitioned over to the FPS genre…except in Crysis.

The first entry in the series was all about guerrilla warfare; you were in a jungle and your nanosuit allowed you to sprint with lighting speed through the jungle foliage until you could turn invisible as you snuck up behind enemy forces, picked them up and threw them with super strength. In Crysis 2, you couldn’t necessarily do all that in New York City; instead, the game had more of a cover mechanic, but you were able to fluidly sprint from point A to point B, slide behind a concrete slab, and use the necessary nanosuit ability needed to move on. Moreso, Crytek was able to do this with the animations and controls of such action being extremely fluid.

So…why hasn’t this been done in any other FPS? (If it has, please correct me in the comments.)

Crysis 2 did wonders for the FPS genre that, for some reason, went unnoticed.

Furthermore, Crytek has always been one to nail pacing in their games. You won’t find the non stop adrenaline of a Call of Duty, the forced set pieces that plagued Battlefield 3‘s campaign, or the sometimes erratic pacing of a Halo title, though Halo Reach did a far better job of having less exploration filler and a smoother pace gameplay wise. Remember that tidal wave of water came crashing through the streets of New York City? Just think how much less of an impact that would of been if it happened every fifteen minutes.

The promises of delivering the “premier sandbox experience” is also one that is highly intriguing. While they really wanted to be, Crysis and Crysis 2 aren’t a pure sandbox; sure, you’re able to complete the game using your own personal methods, but the jungle/city aren’t at your full disposal. Well, there isn’t really a city left in New York City from what we know thus far, so could we roam around as we please? I sure as hell hope so, because if Crytek can combine the nanosuit abilities of the first Crysis with the gameplay, pacing, and controls of Crysis 2, we could have 2013’s best shooter on our hands.

So, in response to the question that was asked on Monday, yes, we are most certainly ready for another Crysis; I know I eagerly await it. In the mean time, be sure to check out the latest teaser.

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