Xbox and EA logos

EA Play Joins Xbox Game Pass on PC- For a Price

For a few years now, Xbox Game Pass has been one of the best deals in gaming. 5 USD per month gets you over 100 …

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Need for Speed Heat Review

Need for Speed was the top arcade racer for many generations/iterations. As more players like Forza Horizon and Project Cars enter the market, NFS has struggled …

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E3 2019 – Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay Demo Has Us Hyped for More

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is a game that Star Wars fans everywhere have been waiting to see. EA didn’t have a conference this year but they opened up their E3 streaming offerings with Respawn’s big new single player Star Wars game, and people are a bit divisive on what was shown off.

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E3 2019 – Everything We Saw at EA’s Press Conference

My fellow fanatics, E3 2019 is upon us, and now that the prerequisite leaks and early announcements are out of the way, the actual announcements …

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First Impressions: Apex Legends Brings New Life to Battle Royale

Well, Apex Legends came out, and here are our First Impressions.

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EA's press conference

The Highs and Lows of EA’s Press Conference | E3 2018

All the trailers and announcements from EA’s E3 2018 Press Conference!

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E3 2018 Trailers

The Giant Trailers Roundup | E3 2018

We have collected the best game trailers revealed during this year’s E3. Bookmark this post as we will be adding new trailers as soon as …

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Anthem at E3, What to Look Out For | E3 2018

In this feature, we go over everything that has been confirmed for Anthem and what to expect from BioWare during the upcoming E3.

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A Way Out Review | A Way Into My Heart

A Way Out is fresh take on cooperative gameplay that will give players a great experience but not much of a challenge.

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Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens | Review

Star Wars Needs To Look Back To Move Forward

With a new trilogy on the way, Star Wars should take a look back at an old game with great potential: Knights of the Old Republic.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Boba Fett

EA Plays Damage Control on Star Wars Battlefront II

EA has been making constant changes to Star Wars Battlefront II in response to its controversial loot box system.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is Arriving to EA/Origin Access

EA has announced the titles that EA and Origin subscribers will have soon access to. The list includes Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dead Space 3, among others.

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Battlefront 2

Watch: This is Star Wars Battlefront II

Battlefront II shows a lot of promise with the sheer amount of content available at launch

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