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Crysis 3 Review | An Average Dressed Man

Crysis 3 should be a fantastic game. But sadly, due to identity problems and a short campaign that left us wanting more, it’s not.

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Crysis 3 Gets A Sizzle Reel

Don’t forget, while this year’s holiday list of releases is jam packed, Crysis 3 is still coming early next year.

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CryENGINE 3 Receives a New Trailer

With the next generation of computer hardware barreling down on us, Crytek, with the help of EA, have decided to launch a trailer showing us …

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Four New Crysis 3 Screenshots Have Been Leaked. Here They Are For You

The urban jungle is now an actual jungle. That much is clear from our hands on time with Crysis 3 back at E3. This point has been further …

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E3 2012 | Crysis 3 is Still The World's Best Looking Shooter

Before getting our hands on time with the game, we were given a closed doors look at just how CryEngine 3 works.

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Crysis 3 Will Support DirectX 11 At Launch, Is The Spiritual Successor To Crysis 1

Remember how gorgeous the first gameplay trailer looked for Crysis 3? Well, that’s because Crytek is developing the 2013 FPS with the PC in mind, taking advantage …

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Crytek, EA Show Off The New York City Jungle, As Well As Gameplay, In Crysis 3 Trailer

Looking for your daily dose of mind blowing graphics from Crytek? You’re in luck, as both EA and Crytek have released the first gameplay tailer for Crysis …

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Yes, We Are Ready For A New Crysis

Earlier this week, Charles wondered if we’re ready for a new Crysis game. Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, we are ready. Crytek recently unleashed …

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Crytek Shows Off The Power Of Their Latest CryENGINE 3 Build Which Powers Crysis 3

Hot off the heels of officially announcing the latest in the Crysis series, Crytek has released a demo video showcasing what the latest build of CryENGINE 3 …

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Crytek, EA Officially Announced Crysis 3, Returns To New York City's Jungle

Out with the urban jungle, in with the actual jungle. Crysis 3 will transform the New York City we all know into a completely different animal when …

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