Xbox Live Gold Family Pack Members Made Into Individual Accounts Today

Are the other members of your Xbox Live household restricted by the bundled boundaries of your Family Pack oppressiveness? Well, not anymore.

Be free, leaches of your purchasing power! Today’s the day when secondary account members of any Xbox Live Gold Family Pack will break off into their very own unlinked accounts. Spouses, significant others, neighbors, and unwanted houseguests will now have to nourish and nurture their own gaming addictions, unlike that Tamagotchi that met its fate in your once incompetent hands.

The Xbox Live Team notified members that some features exclusive to the Family Pack would no longer be accessible, including monitoring reports. Microsoft Points budgets won’t immediately deactivate today, but will rest as soon as the console is due for a system update. Family security settings will remain.

Before you start feeling totally ripped off, everyone whose Family Pack membership is converted to an Individual account will receive an extra three months of Gold subscription on top of whatever is left of their term. (First you were like “Awww….” And then you were like “Ohhh!”)

The change, as stated in the press release from earlier this month, was justified through a need to “prepare for new upcoming features on Xbox Live Gold.”

Imagine holding your classmates’ hands in grade school as a “buddy system” while galloping upon the manicured lawns of the local zoo. Well, the zoo is way bigger now, and you’re treading on unpaved terrain. “Let go of each other’s’ hands!” your teacher declares. “You’re on your own!”

Being let go doesn’t have to mean playing on your own. Individual members can play multiplayer, download and explore Netflix and other entertainment apps, and take part in the upcoming features anticipated with the Xbox One. If you have any questions about this new change, check out the FAQ for this conversation on the Xbox Live support site.

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