Weekly Krystel Fix Vol. 1 Episode 2

  • Murderur

    I will visit your blog regularly for some latest news.

  • rephiwas


  • FunnyMonkey


  • Cpt.Mctavish

    My interest has been perked

  • Caramel Mocha

    I actually want this video game but i really feel like as soon as i secure up my money to buy this game im likely to her about the up coming street fighter x tekken sport with a lot more characters new ranges and more. I have by now produced this error with M v.s C 3 and road fighter 4. Also, when the new version of the sport comes out its genuinely challenging to offer they aged version. I acquired it for 60 bucks GameStop desires to purchase it back again for 15 dollars ….. So , really should i purchase fighter x tekken or help save my funds ?

  • Tiago

    What Is the difference?

  • 1618

    I have a wireless connection to my Xbox 360 for Xbox live. Correct now I have to turn on my desktop PC and hook up to web so I can hook up to Xbox reside on my Xbox 360.

    Is there a way to hook up to Xbox reside with no turning on my PC?

  • Helena Costa

    I actually want this game but i come to feel like as shortly as i secure up my funds to acquire this recreation im going to her about the next street fighter x tekken recreation with much more characters new ranges and more. I have currently produced this mistake with M v.s C 3 and street fighter 4. Also, when the new version of the sport comes out its truly difficult to offer they aged version. I purchased it for 60 pounds GameStop would like to get it again for 15 pounds ….. So , should i acquire fighter x tekken or help save my dollars ?

  • Girlfriend, love the hoodie. You so brave to youtube to people hahaha =P

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    When is the Street fighter x Tekken patch coming out on pc?

    The game is pissing me off.

    I can’t use diagonals on the xbox 360 gamepads analog sticks, the sounds cut out when online, noone seems to be available for match-making !

    Where is this patch?

  • mr flibble

    I was thinking of buying the game. However, given Capcom`s history, they made Street FIghter 4, Super street fighter 4, and then Super street fighter 4 arcade edition. I dont want to risk buying SF x Tekken and then have to buy the next one. I may buy instead super street fighter 4 arcade edition. Is there alot of people online still playing this game? I do not want to buy the game and then end up with an empty lobby online

  • Muzahid

    there will also be a tekken x street fighter,even tho its a weird match up for fans of the’re respective titles,it certainly is an interesting prospect 😀
    oh yea so overall what you guys think? lol

  • thexbox360player

    What day Was Street Fighter X Tekken announced to the public? I’m just curious.

  • Jason M

    It’s new condition and I haven’t open it yet. I bought it from lockerz. The reason why I’m asking this because I want to get Ninja Gaiden 3

  • Kristian

    This is just for people to express opinions. I think the apple of eden can bring her back to life easily. That apple can do anything and I want her to be back in the game for Desmond to stop being all weird without her.

  • brincks26

    My waiting list number is 18 it has not changed since the last two days.

  • unbleevable39

    So, i would be buying sfxtk today for my ps vita, but they changed the date to fall the last minute!
    So now i was thinking, should i buy SFxTK for my PS3 and wait till for mortal kombat or just wait for street fighter x tekken in the fall?

  • che-che

    I loved the first and second games, but I was disappointed with Brotherhood and I didn’t even bother with Revalations.

    Can I skip those two games without missing anything crucial?

  • Lucas H

    I am trying to play movies I have with AC3 audio on Windows Media player and no sound is coming. Does anyone know of a free codec I can get online or anything else I can do in order to get sound from these AC3 audio formatted movies. Thanks.