Watch: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard First 40 Minutes Played By GIRLvsGAME

Lauren here to bring you the first 40 minutes of my Resident Evil 7: Biohazard gameplay!

Resident Evil 7 shipped two and a half million copies, so we’re in pretty good company going in. In 40 minutes of play, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard bombrushes us with some pretty intense moments – the numerous scares and screams you encounter make you not want to put the controller down; if you’re into that sorta thing.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard spoilers ahead-

The game starts us (Ethan) off with a video from one of the main characters and our wife, Mia. Our mission: locate Mia and bring her home.

We then find ourselves at the Baker family home, all the while trying to decipher that video clip and make sense of what’s going on. At the Baker home, we cant go through the front gate so we take a detour around to the back of the house.

From playing the Beginning Hour demo, we know it’s about to go down. In true Resident Evil fashion the house is decayed, bugs and gruel are everywhere; and of course it’s dark. We come across a tape – pop it into the VCR and begin to play through the Beginning Hour demo. This is when the first major jump scare hits, and boy oh boy! Eventually we find our wife, Mia who forewarns us that “Daddy” is coming. Things don’t seem quite right with her, and as we continue on she vanishes with a loud scream, crash, and bang. We follow the general direction of the noises, only to find ourselves in yet another part of the house – one with a few first aid bottles to stock up on, so we know something is lurking close by.

We are unable to proceed further into the house so we turn back the way we came, making our way down a creepy set of stairs. All the while we’re hearing some ghastly breathing noises, only to find our beloved Mia crawling towards us. She’s not as pretty as she once was, and obviously “turned” she violently attacks us. Amidst the bloody chaos, we finally regain control of the situation as she’s smashed unconscious. What have we done?! The game prompts us to heal, and  for a brief moment, we let our guard down. This leads to another fight with Mia, a bloodier struggle than the first, where you’re forced to make her meet her maker.

Resident Evil 7 has everything you’d would want from a horror game: suspense, jump scares, interesting story line, a great score, beautiful graphics, easy to control gameplay, and a kick ass main protagonist. To have this all so early in game makes you wonder how awesome the rest of the game is.

“Welcome to the family, son!” – Jack Baker

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