Resident Evil 7 Ships 2.5 Million Copies

Resident Evil 7 has returned to its more horror-focused roots and that move appears to be paying off. Capcom has revealed some numbers concerning the latest installment to their series and it looks like this sequel has given it new life.

The Japanese publisher was quick to mention concrete sales but they have boasted that the game has shipped 2.5 million copies. For a big budget production by a widely recognized publisher that isn’t exactly a big deal. However, when it comes to the company’s financial goals, that number seems to be working out just fine. Specifically they are projecting 4 million sales by March 31, the end of their fiscal year.

That goal is also helped by the fact that the game’s demo broke records. Over 7 million players downloaded the demo for Resident Evil 7, which is a first for the entire series. As impressive a number as that is, keep in mind not many of the game’s installments even had demos, let alone the far reaching convenience of digital downloads. Still, with that many players showing interest and positive word of mouth spreading, the game appears to be on the path to success.

There is also the matter of digital downloads of the game, which Capcom have been mum on.

One last bit of number crunching released by Capcom also revealed total titles in the entire franchise sold: 75 million. Even taking into account the multiple re-releases of certain installments across multiple platforms and the spin offs, it goes to show just how much staying power one of the pioneering Survival Horror franchises can have when treated right.

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