G-Spot Episode 58 | Jaws Week

  • nck

    Pew pew!

  • B

    Pew pew!

  • Prince.Lotor


  • flyguy1

    Hi there,I enjoy reading through your article post, I wanted to write a little comment to support you!

  • runechampcn

    Hopefully this plays better than the last one.

  • Smashing Pumpkins

    They look like they are the most realistic warfare games for PC.

  • Harriet W

    Hi, I really want to play dayz. My game stop card has enough to buy both but I was told I needed combined operations. So can I get both Arma II and Operation Arrow head seperately and it would still work?

  • Flash Funk

    Will I get the original campaigns and weapons and vehichles if I buy and install Operation Arrowhead? Will it added to the original arma 2? Or will it overwrite the original arma II campaign?
    Sorry for my english.

  • Travoiz

    title says it all. I just really wanna know if id be able to play DayZmod on it. and if not. any suggestions for the cheapest graphics card that will run it?

  • David

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L650. Intel i5 cpu, Radeon 5000 series graphics card and 4GB ram. how well will my computer run Arma II and in particular Dayz. What ur best guess of my fps and medium-low graphics?

  • Praveen

    As you know ArmA II got some games out now and I don’t know which I should buy… Here is the list of versions, what do you recommend me to buy?

    ArmA II
    Arma II – Combined Operations
    Arma II – Operation Arrowhead
    Arma II – British Armed Forces
    Arma II – Private Military Company

    Thanks for your answers.

    I want to buy the most popular version and the one with top players playing online.

  • JackReynolds

    I’ve just downloaded Arma II so I can play dayz, and in videos of the game I’ve seen people playing in 3rd person, but i can’t figure out how to do that. It’s not a big deal, but if i could get that working that would be great.

  • nasty1

    In order to use the DayZ mod for Arma, do I HAVE to use the Combined Operations? (I already own Arma II) can I just buy operation arrowhead would that work too? Since I already own the original.

  • Victoria T

    I’ve been trying to find a game for the PS3 that’s like this mod. I’d get Arma II, but I use a laptop that definitely can’t handle it…Any help is appreciated.

  • apleaforbrandon

    Like chemlights, flashlight, knives, pistol.

  • Cupcakerum

    I want to know if Arma and LoL ever get put on Mac if I will be able to play it.
    Processor 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
    Memory 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 384 MB

  • maskills24

    I really want to play the Dayz mod on Arma II because it looks awesome but need this first in order to play it. Is it worth the $30?

  • Andres C

    I want it for dayz and I have a small amount of Internet a month and cant find an answer anywhere else…