Virgin Gaming?

“A new challenger arrives!” Well I take that back, but it has been over a year since billionaire Richard Branson’s franchise was connected to the video game scene but apparently, that could change pretty soon. The rumors surfaced last week, and today we have confirmed that the Virgin Group is indeed stepping back into the ring with the big boys.

Virgin was known for publishing classics like Cannon Fodder, Screamer, Command & Conquer, Dune, and more recently, Capcom franchises in Europe like Dino Crisis and Devil May Cry. The group sold their assets to EA back in ’94, “no refunds” were in the fine print.

The claim is that this venture would be an online service, how it relates to the much talked about OnLive, no one knows. You can check out the recently debuted website here, which sports the Virgin Gaming logo as well as a nifty countdown timer which ironically ends at the time of the E3 expo..ironic? We think not!

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