Halo 4 Infinity Challenge | Week 5 Update

  • CajunSuperJeff

    I was looking at your comment about cheating and I think there was a glitch after the first few days of this competition that falsely elevated everyone’s score on days 2 and 3. Then it was fixed and everyone’s score was properly adjusted. I ended up as #6 in Spartan Ops after playing almost 20 hours a day. I got very little sleep for 8 days trying to keep up and/or catch the competition. All of the leaders soon learned in the first few hours of the game how to finish a certain map in less than 6 minutes. Then we started to perfect our routine and finished in under 5 minutes. Through the course of a week we knew everything we were supposed to do and it became easy to finish a map in under 4:30, even finishing it in under 4:00 once or twice. I must admit I fell asleep at the controller a few times, as did my team mates. But we all knew when and where the enemies were going to spawn and what to press to keep others from spawning. It is easy to go into Halo Waypoint to see how everyone did and to confirm that we were legit. BTW, after completing a game and waiting for the reset of the new game we were doing only about 10 games/ hour if we were lucky. It was a great competition but I do not plan on putting my body through that type of punishment again. I slept for 10 hours after the competition was over and then took a nap the next day.