I’m Level 30 in The Division, So Now What?

I'm Level 30 in The Division, So Now What?

Congratulations! You finally hit level 30 in The Division and you couldn’t be happier about it.

Performing side quest after side quest and grinding out all of the story missions you could has paid off.   It was a grind wasn’t it? Now, though, you might be wondering just what’s left to do. Well don’t you worry your pretty little head; the grind has only just begun. I will to tell you exactly what you need to do now that you’re a real agent.

Finish The Main Quest Line

I know how badly you want to just jump right into Hard Modes and the Dark Zone, but before you do just take the time to finish out any of the main storyline missions you have left. I promise it’s worth your time. Not only is it more opportunities for some great gear to drop but once you finish the final mission you will get a blueprint for your very first High End weapon, Damascus. It’s a High End pistol with a high fire rate, a lot of power, and it looks incredible.

Finish Upgrading All Three Wings

Of course you don’t want to do it. You don’t have to tell me how annoying it is doing boring, monotonous encounters over and over again, but in the end it pays off. The ability to morph your character’s build on the fly and have every single skill and talent at your disposal means you can adapt to any situation at any time. Plus, when you get to those Hard and Challenge Modes, it gives you so many tools to work with when building the perfect team composition. Isn’t that what The Division is all about?

The benefits don’t just end there either. Mastery mods give each of your skills that added boost that could make all of the difference in any given encounter, fully upgrading gives you Dark Zone boosts in the amount of contaminated items you can carry and certain contaminated zones you can enter, and I promise those Signature Skills will save your life more than once. So just do it and thank me later.

I'm Level 30 in The Division, So Now What?

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Zone

I know, I know, the Dark Zone (DZ) is “broken” right now. The penalties for death are incredibly severe, nobody wants to fight each other, and it’s mostly a ghost town. None of this means that the DZ doesn’t have any benefits at all. As a matter of fact the DZ is THE place to make the easiest transition from “I just hit Level 30!” to “I’m ready for Challenge Mode!”

We all know the Special Gear Vendor has the best gear in exchange for Phoenix Credits and I’ll get to that in a minute, but it takes time to get that gear. The gear you can get from the DZ is the next best thing. In the middle levels of the DZ you and a few friends can run around farming world bosses and factions groups to get that sweet, sweet loot. The best part is that most of these NPCs are pretty much all level 31 and they drop some of the higher level gear to help you in your quest for 100k DPS and become the ultimate agent in The Division.

Stock Up On Phoenix Credits

I personally like to call this, “The Race For The Vector!” If you want the best gear in the game, you’ll need Phoenix Credits (PC). The problem is that PC aren’t easy to come by and it takes a while for them to accumulate. The best thing to do for some quick PC is by doing the Hard Mode Dailies every day. Each one gives you 15 PC per run and you get a few extra for killing the bosses. A couple of other ways to get extra PC is just by farming the DZ for those pesky World Bosses. Not only do they give the fat loot, but they’ll drop some PC to help with your “Vector Fund” a little bit. Also, for an easy 30 PC you can go to the Ubisoft Club and trade in some Ubisoft points for them too, which helps quite a bit.

It’s All About The Challenge

Hitting level 30 is all about challenge mode right now. The problem is that challenge mode is pretty, well… challenging. Everyone needs to be doing challenge mode by the time Incursions come out next month. If we think challenge mode is tough, I can’t even imagine what the Incursions will be like. That means getting the best gear in the fastest, most efficient way is absolutely crucial.


So just follow this guideline and I promise you’ll be the “Belle of the Agent Ball” and rocking those Challenge Modes in no time.

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