THQ Bankruptcy Filing Reveals Unannounced Games

THQ‘s decision to file for bankruptcy has shed light on a new project. As we reported earlier, THQ announced today they will be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and selling all of their assets, including THQ’s four owned studios and games in development, to Clearlake Capital Group. With the announcement came the latest unannounced sales figures, as well as expected sales and upcoming games.

Games on the list include Saints Row 4, which they’re expecting to sell 5 million copies of. Also appearing are a sequel to Homefront and a title being developed by Vigil (the makers of the Darksiders series) with a working title of Crawler.

The list also confirms that we’ll still be getting South Park: The Stick of Truth (expected to sell 3.1 million copies), Company of Heroes 2 (hoping for 2 million sold), and Metro: Last Light (expecting 1.9 million sold). Other nuggets include 1666, a title that THQ filed a trademark for but hasn’t said anything about since, as well as unknown games named Evolve and Atlas.

THQ‘s Jason Rubin tweets that all of the company’s major projects are still on track to be released on time, as are these new mystery titles. They’ve got big hopes for whatever 1666 and Evolve are, though; both are predicted to sell 4 million units. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.

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