March 2017 Games With Gold Lineup

March Games With Gold Lineup Revealed

Microsoft announces the next batch of games in their free games service, and it includes a pair of AAA shooters.

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Turtle Rock Studios Working on a New AAA Co-Op Shooter

Turtle Rock Studios, known for their work on Left 4 Dead and Evolve, are creating an all-new co-op shooter. It could be free-to-play. Are you in?

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In Case You Missed It – Week of October 24 – 30, 2016

It’s Halloween! So many creepy happenings are about to go down tonight, so here is a primer on last week. You know, In Case You Missed It!

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Evolve goes Free-to-play

Evolve has Evolved into a Free-to-Play Game

Turtle Rock Studios has announced that Evolve has become free-to-play as of today. According to the announcement made on the studio’s forums, anyone who purchased …

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Logo of BlackFlag eSports Gaming Arena Service by Evolve Labs

BlackFlag: eSports Gaming Arena for League of Legends

BlackFlag is a new, convenient eSports service that pays League of Legends teams.

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The Evolve PS4 Alpha Has Been Postponed

If you’re a PS4 owner who was looking forward to the Evolve Alpha, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.

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Fanatical Five | Top 5 Games We Played at Gamestop Expo 2014

I had the opportunity to play a ton of upcoming video games at this years Gamestop Expo. Here are the games that I walked away most impressed with.

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PAX Prime 2014 | 2K Shows Off With Multiple Impressive Titles

2K had an impressive showing at PAX Prime this year. Let’s not waste any time and get right to it.

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Gamescom 2014 I New Evolve Gameplay Demo Showcases Arctic Map

New Evolve gameplay demo debuts at Gamescom 2014, showcasing the Arctic Map.

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Evolve Delayed Until Next Year According to Earnings Release

Take Two Interactives’ Evolve, a game that pits four players as a team of hunters to find and eliminate a goliath-alien manned by the fifth …

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Fanatical Five | Our Most Anticipated Games of Fall 2014

We can count on the Fall to shower us with multiple high-profile games, so here’s The Game Fanatics’ most anticipated games of fall 2014!

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PAX East 2014 | New Evolve Gameplay Screenshots!

Turtle Rock Studios has released new screens for Evolve, a game that build excitement with every detail announced.

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Evolve | The Mega Next-Gen Co-Op Shooter by Turtle Rock

Left 4 Dead developers, Evolve, have just announced their return to the video game crowd.

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