Thirty Days of Video Games: Day Six – Most Annoying Character

I tried to think hard about the most annoying video game character and as much as I do love the classic Sonic series, I hate having to play with Tails following close behind. This goes double for Sonic 2. Its such a pain to try to get the coins that are required to obtain the chaos emerald with an AI that’s sole job is to screw things up. Just look at that face! He doesn’t mean to screw up your plan and die all the time.

Another character that comes to mind is Cable from Marvel vs Capcom 2, just based on the fact that hearing “Viper Beam” over and over again makes me want to tear my ears off.

For those who played Eye Pet, you know about the Professor, or whatever name he goes by. Before this game launched, I was very interested in playing it. I thought the creature was cute and it would be a nice casual game to play from time to time. Turns out you have to play everyday and the senor with the PlayStation Eye didn’t always work correctly. And then there’s the live action instructor who needs to pop his head at almost every minute to tell you something, and most times it is something that you already know. Even though I thought the creature was cute, the game and PlayStation Eye wasn’t worth the money, so I returned it.

One of the most common characters that is annoying and one that I just feel like mentioning, is the dog from Duck Hunt. He has no name but we all know who he is. He’s always laughing when we miss a duck and we always try to shoot him with our NES light guns, knowing that it never works.

At the end of the day, sorry to say, but Tails is still at the top of my list. Sorry dude, you just keep getting in the way.

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