Our favorite consoles and current games we are playing! | Live w/ TGF! Ep 10

This weeks topic of discussion is our favorite consoles of all time and why they are special to us.

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NES Classic Edition

Nintendo to Launch “Mini NES” Full of Classic Games This November

Remember the Plug & Play consoles of old? Nintendo remembers, and they are unleashing their new weapon: a mini NES.

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NES Remix 2 Review | Refined Nostalgia

NES Remix 2 is back with even more nostalgia and game combining challenges. Can it live up to the memories?

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Throwback Thursday | Life Force

We take a trip back into time with Throwback Thursdays! This week we take a look at the NES game, Life Force.

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The Super Game Fanatics Ep. 01

In this inaugural episode of “The Super Game Fanatics,” Arnell selects the NES classic “Punch-Out.” We all came in fresh after years of not training. …

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Fanatical Fashion | Retrofit Your Wardrobe with

Being expressive about my interests has long been a fixation of mine, dating back to having every inch of my adolescent bedroom covered with album …

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What We Played for Week Ending March 25

This is a weekly segment where we share what games we are currently playing for our readers to get to know us a bit better. …

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Nintendo Ready To Usher In Another Gaming Revolution: Could This Be The Wii 2

Is an E3 reveal for the next Generation Wii too soon? My thoughts after the jump. Anyone that knows me knows that I grew up …

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Thirty Days of Video Games: Day Six – Most Annoying Character

I tried to think hard about the most annoying video game character and as much as I do love the classic Sonic series, I hate …

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Thirty Days of Video Games: Day Three – A Game That is Underrated

There are games out there that I believe are underrated but they just end up being a cult classic, which to some, is the same …

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Thirty Days of Video Games: Day One – Very First Video Game

I’ve been using Tumblr more and more recently and one of the things that I came across are the “30 Days” of something, be it …

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Artist meets Gamer: Interview with Pixel Painter Francis Gordon

I, DefyAllLogic (Tavia) of The Game Fanatics, had a chance to e-meet and interview artist Francis Gordon. Francis is an international pixel artist. Unlike most …

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Rant: OMG XBL is $10 More!

The majority of the NES generation are in their 30’s, including myself. When we were younger we didn’t have to worry about the price of …

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