Thirty Days of Video Games: Day Four – Your Guilty Pleasure Game

My current guilty pleasure game is the new You Don’t Know Jack game for the XB360. I can’t recall if I played the older versions but I was aware of the game series. I knew of the game’s release but it wasn’t until my brother-in-law mentioned how good it is. Not wanting to put money down on a game that I may or may not enjoy, I decided to Gamefly it and I’m glad that I did. This game, so far, I’ve played for hours on end, either alone, local two player or online. The only issue that I had was playing online and dealing with some serious lag issues. It is also a shame that we could not play locally and online as well.

I hit up Twitter once again to see what other thought and I got a nice mix of games, including Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty Zombies, Halo, the Scene It series, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossings, Viva Pinata, Mario and Hot Shots Golf and the Kingdom Hearts series. Halo I can seeing being a huge guilty pleasure game and is one that I keep playing, even after getting beat several times online. However once I get into my zone, I really can’t stop playing. I did enjoy Scene It but for me, I grew tired of the game quickly and thankfully You Don’t Know Jack is so much better in my opinion. Kingdom Hearts is a game that I did not think I would enjoy, simply based on it being a game with Disney characters mixed in with Final Fantasy characters. Now I’m eagerly waiting the third installment.

The worst one though and at the top of my guilty pleasure list, is Princess Debut. Back when I worked at GameStop, one of my employees was playing this game on her DS. For some reason, she was really into the game and that alone made me want to give it a try, despite the fact that I’m not a girly type of female.

Princess Debut is a game where a normal girl trades places with a princess that looks just like her and is on a quest to find a husband though dance. The gameplay while in dance mode is somewhat similar to Elite Beat Agents. For some unknown reason, I found myself playing this game over and over again, just to get a different ending. Its a bit embarrassing and I haven’t picked up the game in ages, but at the time when I was actively playing it, it was my guilty pleasure game. I still shake my head at the fact that I played this game several times over and thankfully, I think I’m done playing it and I’ll stick to You Don’t Know Jack, The Sims, Halo, Lips, and other games, for my guilty pleasure fix.

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