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I Love, Nay Crave, Harvest Moon | No Shame November

Prepare yourselves, for I am about to reveal my deepest, darkest secret… my favorite videogame series is Harvest Moon.

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E3 2012 | Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

If you are a fan of Natsume games and Harvest Moon, boy are you in for a treat later this year! Harvest Moon: A New …

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What We Played for Week Ending March 4

This is a weekly segment where we share what games we are currently playing for our readers to get to know us a bit better. …

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Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns — Hits DS Today

The summer drought has started to end, but Nintendo fans have had to fall on their backlogs for any worthwhile experiences. That changes today with …

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Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns — Fabulous Farming Fun

Before Farmville, Farm Frenzy and any other farming game… there was Harvest Moon. There are numerous titles that have been developed for almost every gaming system since it’s release for the Super Nintendo in 1996. The object of Harvest Moon was to maintain a farm through out the game, tend to livestock and crops, live through the different seasons and events that occur, and befriend the townsfolk. In some of the games you get the chance to make one of the townspeople fall in love with you and get married.

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Thirty Days of Video Games: Day Four – Your Guilty Pleasure Game

My current guilty pleasure game is the new You Don’t Know Jack game for the XB360. I can’t recall if I played the older versions …

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