The Game Fanatics’ Top Content Creators of 2018 I Best of 2018

Whether it be Twitch, YouTube or any other platform, content creators inspire, educate, and entertain online audiences. Here at The Game Fanatics, we have compiled …

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Watch: Lets Play Prey | An Odyssey Through Space

Prey was released a few months ago and was quite well received. But we all know the spring was absolutely loaded with AAA titles. It was …

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Disney, YouTube Cut Ties With PewDiePie Over Anti-Semitic Videos

Disney and YouTube drop PewDiePie after he produced several videos with anti-Semitic content over the last several months.

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The First Ever YouTube Top Ten Trending Games List Revealed!

The veil is lifted on popular culture as the YouTube Top Ten Trending Games list is revealed.

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YouTube Red is an Ad-Free Monthly Subscription

YouTube Red, which is an ad-free subscription option, will begin October 28th and all users will have access to a one month free trial.

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Does Twitch Streaming Effect Gaming Ability?

Some gamers seem to thrive in the spotlight of live streaming, but can the pressure of an audience on Twitch make all of us better gamers?

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Magic the Gathering Presents 'Duels of the YouTubers' Event and Giveaway

As all of you fellow Magic: The Gathering players already know, Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 is out now.  To celebrate this release, …

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Final Dishonored Episode of 'The Tales from Dunwall' Online

Bethesda has posted the final episode of their webseries, The Tales from Dunwall, online on their YouTube channel.

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Dishonored Launches Online Webisode Series

Bethesda Studios has released two out of three episodes of a new webisode series for Dishonored entitled The Tales from Dunwall.

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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Vignette – "Enlist"

A new vignette for the upcoming Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn mini-series has been released, serving as a glimpse into the series and to wet …

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New Rendering Features in Unigine 2012

Unigine has started to rise in popularity amongst most Indie game developer. And for some the, ‘go to’ engine when it comes to creating video …

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Google Hangout Gets an Awesome Update

Google Hangouts has been a feature I’ve ignored for a very long time, until today that is. Someone at Google Headquarters (HQ) has decided to overhaul the underused …

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Fan Made Dishonored Movie Trailer Leaves Us Wanting More

With recording equipment becoming even more affordable, we the public are slowly being given small snippets of what could be our closest representations, of video …

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