NVIDIA Announces 40 Series Super Cards and More at CES 2024

A year can’t go by without a huge announcement from NVIDIA. During CES 2024 in Las Vegas, NVIDIA announced an upgrade to its 40 series …

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Star Wars Titan XP

Embrace the GeForce with Star Wars Themed Titan XP Graphics Cards

NVIDIA has announced a new collectors edition Titan XP graphics cards. The cards are Star Wars themed, the Light Side that glows green and the …

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AMD Vega Graphic Cards

AMD Vega Signals A Return To High End Gaming Graphics

Back in May AMD teased new graphic cards meant to challenge NVIDIA’s stranglehold on the high-end PC graphics market. The AMD Vega series mirrors NVIDIA’s …

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Graphic Card Cryptocurrency

Graphic Card Prices Skyrocket Due To Crypto Miners

Noticing how graphics cards are becoming more expensive? Here’s why.

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Jump Into LawBreakers With Open Beta Event Starting Today

Starting today the LawBreakers beta is officially open to the public for PC players.

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New AMD Crimson and Nvidia Geforce Drivers Announced

Both Nvidia and AMD have announced new drivers for their line of video cards this past week. These new drivers add support for Watch Dogs …

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Metal Gear Solid V

In Case You Missed It – Weekly News Roundup for August 29 – September 4, 2016

Things have been rather interesting here at the Game Fanatics lately. We’re currently planning a move to a new server, so a lot of our …

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Nvidia Is Helping Fix Batman: Arkham Knight on PC

Batman: Arkham Knight was a train-wreck at launch, and Nvidia have come to pull Warner Bros. Interactive out of the wreckage.

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Pros Flipping Coins Instead of Playing in NVIDIA’s Pro-Am Hearthstone Tournament

A series of Hearthstone pros have admitted to faking matches in NVIDIA’s Pro-AM Hearthstone Tournament.

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NVIDIA Opens Pre-Orders For Its SHIELD Gaming Tablet

NVIDIA have made their new gaming tablet the NVIDIA SHIELD open for pre-order for an October 1st release.

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NVIDIA Set to Take on the Micro-Console Market Again

NVIDIA has a serious Ouya-like gaming experience coming out soon with the NVIDIA Shield Tablet and NVIDIA Shield Controller.

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How NVIDIA's Gaming Expo Brought E3 to the Masses

This year NVIDIA had their own gaming expo outside the doors of the Los Angeles Convention Center that was holding this year’s E3. Live music, …

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Acer’s Mouthwatering New 4K Monitor Sports G-Sync

Here’s one for the gamers who are willing to spare no expense for their gaming rig. Acer recently announced a new gaming monitor that’ll be …

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