Invincible Issue 100 Sells Out on Day One

When Robert Kirkman hits 100 issues of a series, that issue, as history tells us with The Walking Dead #100, will sell, and it will sell well.While that one became the highest-selling comic book of the year 2012, it stands that his other work follows similar suit.  On the release date for Invincible’s 100th issue, it sold out entirely on its release date.  This issue, a combo effort from Robert Kirkman and artist Cory Walker, sold so well it will receive a second printing, due to hit shelves February 27, 2013, a little later this month.


Following “The Death of Everyone” story arc, issue 100 of Invincible is the long-awaited, and much-anticipated, climax.  It features cover art from a variety of fantastic artists, including artist for the series, Ryan Ottley, Image Comics partner Marc Silvestri, Bryan Hitch, Art Adams, Cory Walker, and from The Walking Dead side, Charlie Adlard.

Comic Book Resources’ Doug Zawisza gave the issue a four-star rating, stating, “Invincible #100 is simply a straightforward comic book adventure that pushes a protagonist to the limits and steps back to observe the resulting excitement and adventure.”

This issue concludes “The Death of Everyone” story arc.

Following the story of Mark Grayson, known by his superhero facade of Invincible, this series chronicles his battles and stories, and with the creative effort it receives from its storyteller and artists alike, and the critical acclaim it’s received, is sure to continue selling issues.

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