BlackFlag: eSports Gaming Arena for League of Legends

Logo of BlackFlag eSports Gaming Arena Service by Evolve Labs

As eSports continues to grow, the number of opportunities for competitive players and teams also increases. Evolve Labs have put their hat into the ring with BlackFlag esports.


Prior to getting into eSports, Evolve Labs’ first project was Evolve, a social platform for PC gaming. Through Evolve, PC gamers are able to meet other players to arrange gaming sessions and play online together. Currently the platform has almost 2 million players.

Once Evolve became established, Evolve Labs began toying with the idea of an eSports platform; thus BlackFlag esports was born.BlackFlag esports teams

Evolve’s BlackFlag eSports platform is a service for competitive gaming

Adam Sellke, who is the CEO and founder of Evolve Labs spoke on this:

“BlackFlag is a passion project for the Evolve team and something we have wanted to do for a while… Recently, we participated in a series of AMAs where the idea was embraced by an audience of gamers expressing an overwhelming interest in a competitive gaming service. So, we fast-tracked the idea and turned it into reality.”

Evolve Labs plans on bringing this arena to other eSports, but they are focusing on League of Legends at the moment. Evolve currently has over 250,000 League of Legends players that play 750,000 games each month. While BlackFlag is a standalone platform, Evolve Labs is working towards BlackFlag being supported by Evolve.

Through the League of Legends‘ Tournament API, the BlackFlag esports platform will set up competitive matches between 5-player teams for cash prizes. Unlike other online tournament services, BlackFlag will use no bracket system. Instead, each team pays a $5 entry fee to compete and plays one real-time match with the winners taking the spoils.

Screenshot of BlackFlag eSports arena by Evolve Labs

Currently, the BlackFlag esports platform is only available to players who are 18 years or older. The service will begin in 45 of 50 states and all over Canada. Evolve Labs hopes to expand to every country legally acceptable. Evolve is also offering a $5 bonus to new players who sign up for the service now.

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